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Specifically engineered for interventionalists.


Designed by interventionalists, for interventionalists.

From its ability to protect multiple people and provide multiple vascular access points, to its compact design and portability, Rampart was built specifically for interventionalists and cath labs. And while apron-free radiation protection was the driving force behind its invention, it was the needs of interventionalists and their techs that drove its innovation. 

One device. Multiple access points.

With its independently adjustable panels, Rampart gives interventionalists multiple vascular access points, including radial, femoral, and pedal. Additionally, Rampart’s flexible panel design could potentially accommodate new procedures in the future.


Rampart’s Key Features:

Utilizing Rampart’s innovative design and proprietary technology, interventionalists now have a new way to work. One with greater freedom and mobility, and more protection for the doctor and their team. And one that allows the physician to work without the need for injury-inducing, and potentially career-shortening, aprons. In short, Rampart grants interventionalists and their team the ability to do what they do
best, longer, safer, and easier than ever before.


01. Fully adjustable and motorized lead acrylic panels can be configured to accommodate the access point, and the heights and widths of the doctor, technician, and patient.

02. Easy adjustments allow for multiple vascular access positions, including radial, femoral, and pedal.

03. Sturdy base mounted on lockable, smooth-rolling, industrial casters for efficiencies in emergent situations, quicker setup, convenient storage, and an overall smaller cath lab footprint.

04. Sterile drape kit includes 5 separate drapes, designed and easily labeled, for faster and easier set up and cleaning.


Rampart IC M1128—Tech specs


How Rampart IC M1128 works.

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For radial, femoral and pedal procedures.

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For radial procedures.




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