Change the way you work, for good. 


Introducing Rampart IC – A revolution providing comprehensive protection for you, your team, and your career, all without the need for heavy lead aprons.


Gain the protection.
Shed the lead.


For decades, interventionalists have relied on heavy lead aprons to protect themselves from radiation. But aprons only offer partial protection, and over time, their weight takes a physical toll, causing everything from fatigue to serious, career-shortening injuries. 


Rampart M1128—a fully adjustable and portable system that provides proven, full-bodied radiation protection for interventionalists and their technicians, all without having to work under heavy aprons.


No more lead aprons

Protects physician and technician

Multiple vascular access points

Full-body protection system

Easy to move and set up

Adjustable panels

Small cath lab footprint

Efficiently stowed

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The story of one interventional cardiologist’s mission to get rid of aprons for good.

When one of the highest-volume ICs in the country suffered multiple ruptured disks, one of which led to a month-long paralysis in his leg and kept him out of the cath lab for two years, he didn’t need a second opinion to realize the source of his injuries—heavy lead aprons. See how Rampart has changed the way he works, and lives, for good.

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It isn’t just the interventionalists in the cath lab. The whole team needs, and deserves, safer radiation protection.

Before Rampart, there were only a few options that provided physicians radiation protection without having to shoulder the burden of a lead apron. But from those options, there were absolutely zero that protected both the doctor and the tech. See how one IC is leading the charge toward making cath labs a safer and easier place to work—for everyone.


Designing Rampart to allow for multiple vascular access points was an absolute must.

While protection was at the forefront of Rampart’s design, mobility and adaptability were also critical components to the overall design. Essentially, the Rampart team wanted it to be adaptable to the rapidly-evolving nature of the interventionalist’s environment. Click below to see how Rampart is keeping pace by allowing for multiple vascular access points.


The genesis of Rampart.


How Rampart is changing the future of the cath lab environment.

With Rampart, interventionalists can now experience a new way to work. One that transforms the entire landscape of cath labs, and will change the future of radiation protection forever.


More mobility. Zero isolation.

With so much dexterity required to perform interventional procedures, the freedom to move, see, and communicate with your team in already crowded cath labs is critical.

Instead of isolating the interventionalist, and, in doing so, limiting their movement and separating them from their team, Rampart was built to provide them with more mobility, greater vision, and an easier way to deliver expert care. 

More variability.

With its fully and independently adjustable lead acrylic panels, Rampart offers solutions for a variety of situations.

It provides multiple vascular access points, including radial, femoral, and pedal. It adjusts for height and width variations to easily accommodate the team and the patient. And with its unique quick-setup design and convenient storability, Rampart proves to be efficient in emergent situations and allows for an overall smaller cath lab footprint.

Extended Protection.

Compared to the 0.5mm lead equivalent found in standard lead aprons, Rampart places a 1mm lead equivalent between you and the scatter radiation.

But it’s Rampart’s extended coverage system—protecting the entire body of the doctor, and their technician—that truly gives it an advantage over traditional aprons. 

No more aprons.

The facts are clear: 60% of ICs suffer from work-related back issues. With hour after hour spent in crowded cath labs working under the weight of heavy lead aprons, the problem is equally clear too. 

Enter Rampart—an entirely new way to work that gives superior protection without the need for debilitating aprons.

Longer careers.

The long-term detrimental effects of wearing lead aprons are well documented. But with Rampart, interventionalists and their techs can finally look forward to the potential for longer careers—ones with less pain, less fatigue, and less work days missed. 

Greater coverage area.

Traditional lead aprons are designed to provide protection from shoulder to knee. But through its innovative design, Rampart’s superior protection is extended outside of lead aprons’ traditional coverage area.